Tuesday, February 17

waiting at the bus stop..

As I was waiting in the cold chill night, someone emerged from the opposite side and mumble to me with quite a weird american ascent "blalaa"..
Me: come again?
Him: You know when the bus going to be here?
Me: 746
Him: Now is 740.. It so cold tonight, man. You know what man, you see the dunkin donut shop there? If you go there and get a cup of coffee or something u might miss the bus.
Me: Yea. Thats true. You dont want to miss the bus!
Him: ....
Me: (dnt really know what to say).. Where your going? (is it a wise question to ask that question to a stranger? :p
Him: Southtown.. You know Burlington coat factory.. They sell some good coat, man..
(for some reason he kept saying man... so i guess i tried that word too :p)
Me: Are you working there, man? XD
Him: No. I am not working man. So hard to find a job. I used to work by helping people to move. But people hardly move anymore man. It just so expensive.
Me: Hoping to get any job soon?
Him: I would like that, man... I hope the new president, Obama, can really save us man.. Lot of people think he's god, I hope he would do something to help us man.. coz this country is **** up..
Me: really?
Him: yeah man.. You know some ppl say that since Obama is hitam, he has to prove himself.. you know what i mean, man?
Me: yea( erk do i?)
Him: Some ppl say just because he's .... (isu perkauman)
Me: ......
Him: I dont think thats true man, but some ppl do think like that..

The RTS bus came and we went aboard..

Me:"Nice talking to ya."
Him:"you too man."

N for some reason, the word man keep buzzing me that night.. man, what a night, man! aaaahh!