Tuesday, February 24

Homeless ftw?

Dear Blog,
Sorry I havent update you for awhile.. You know I've been busy.. Projects , exams and stuff.. Tallking about project, I have my CS project due this friday and I'm still not finish yet! (Projects are not like essay where you can do it the night before submission.. There's a lot to think about like GUI, whether it can compile, whether the code runs the way u want etc)... I also havent have any interesting story tell.. talk about lame : ( well i guess there is this time where I met a homeless person down the road was interesting enough, enjoy:

I was there, walking around the Henriatta road, until a homeless guy who's sitting at a bus stop shouting "Hey, Are you from Alaska? You look like from Alaska with that hair of yours!" Yes, I admit my hair was kind of long, but an Alaskan? Are you kiddin me? .. "NO. Im from Asia!" He said "owh, Asia! I thought you were from Alaska.. WHy dont you have a seat? I am Fred!" Erk?? He offered his hand.. I was a bit hesitant coz I was about to go to class, not to mention a bit scary but he seem sincere so I shake his hand and said "I'm Barry"..

We chatted and chatted until I ask about his wherebout (My mistake?) and then he began to tell his long life journey.. "You have the time to hear my story? Its a long one!" Im like "yeah, I have time." (Did'nt he heard me that I was about to go to class? zheesh.. O well..)... "I have to have a beer first you know(drinking tinned bear while covered in plastic). Please cover and watch out for me." Me:???? (ahaha turns out that drinking in public is illegal thats why he asked me that.. yeah i didnt know.. Ahaha Now I'm an accomplice of crime now.. :p ).. OMG, As he began his story, his breath smell so alcoholish!!(erk is that a word?).. So I cant look at him, Im just sitting right next to him while listening.. o.O

"when I was small, I live in a foster home in California... I do not know my mum and dad.. Life was rough back then... At the age of 15, I went to jail..Since then Ive been going out of jail, and back in, out and back in..." At this moment, Im like looking into his eyes, and there is this evil grin, looking as if he want to devour me.. Im thinking(OMG is he a serial killer or somethin?? I better run :O)

Will I got eaten? Will I get killed in public? As awesome as it sounds, nothing of that sort happens! Proof? Im still here blogging XD

To be continued..... soon :p


  1. bari getik kiah..no one care if you got eaten :p

    bahaye ni..you might unwittingly expose urself to stranger. Lots of danger out there.

  2. Strangers can be fun at times :p
    Dont worry, I can handle myself. Or so I thought -.-"

  3. omg..im excited..=.="""..like hell no! ni cam cerita manche ni..=.=""

  4. hahahahaha xpe la jiji!! bg la bars bersuke rie bercerite.