Tuesday, February 3

Vending machines.

I was riding the rts bus to U of R this morning... suddenly, it came to my mind, how does the machine differentiate between the coins.... From a dollar coin, to a quarter, dime, nickel and a penny.. Do you know?

Well suddenly, the memory of my childhood began to emerge in my mind.. When i was in elementary school, there is this vending machine to sell drinks.. (air kotak lol).. I really like the air kotak mango.. At that time, the air cost about 90 cents.. So cheap you'd say? Consider the case where you are only be given rm1 by ur parents!! When I really crave for the mango drink, I would buy it and only have 10 cents left for skola agama T_T ( I'd usually go with pop sickel)
Not to mention tak dpt makan nasi lemak (nasi sikit, cume ade sambal yg sgt pedas) which cost about 50 cents.

Even when you do buy a nasi lemak, you have to buy the 20 cents water that comes with it..(otherwise it is too hot to endure by washing your mouth alone).. Even with that, i only left with 30 cents for skola ag! N that means 1 kropok mamee and 1 pop sickel : ( n here I thought parents says "Dont buy junk food!" Little did they know about the financial limits we hv at school.. -.-" seriously.. what good food that you can possibly buy with 20 cents? (coz pop sickle is a must :p)..

Thank god, mother is our savior.. At the time of salvation, she offered us life.. she added another rm1 so rm2 for both skola ag and keb.. not bad at all.. My father, while still continuing giving us rm1, probably did not know that my mother added another rm1 until quite sometime.. kih2.. She also sometime buy me a nasi lemak in the morning when I went to school.. Such kindness T_T So in the morning, when we usually asked father for "Duit belanje", we are kinda glad when he say "Mintak kat mama" for obvious reasons!! :D

p/s - papa is not really wrong though.. he just thought that the rm1 is enough.. he eventually added rm1 in later part of my life.. I think? -.-"


  1. hakhak..cumel nye kisah ni. teringt zmn dulu2

  2. true true. I wonder why our dad is always kedekut bagi duit belanja sikit. Bapak aku dpd aku darjah 1 smpai darjah 6 kasi 1 ringgit je. He doesnt know that his daughter kuat makan kat sekolah smpaikan buat2 mengaku budak miskin makan RMT kat sekolah. hahahaha. Later on, when my mom knew about it..dia pun tambah lagi 1 ringgit ... kikikiki

  3. wah tak sangka ada orang share the same fate :P i know some of my friend dpt rm4 a day even rm5 T_T

  4. oh well... thats because my dad was stingy! in fact until today he's still stingy .... hahaha..