Tuesday, July 28

Memang Larat

On one sunny day, me and my nephew went to my dad new house to help him clean up and move some stuff..(jadi buruh berupah kejap utk 1 hari).. One of the thing that we have to move is 5 packet of cement... It is about the size of when you buy a 10kg rice . .

Then I said:" Zaim (my cousin name), bole tak ko tlg aku angkat simen ni.. Mmg larat kalo ak angkat sorang, tapi penat ah.."

Then he laughed and said: "hahahha MEMANG LARAT?? Hhaha"..
Me:"haha? *laughing a bit*"
He:"Cube ko tgk kat kampit tu ko tgk berat dia berapa!"
Me:*belek2*" WoW 50KG!!! Memang larat!"
*laughing together*

Ok jom angkat same2.. With 2 ppl carrying it is also really heavy.. But dueable.. after the 2nd pack I said "No more! Berat nak mati!" Then I called my dad saying is tiresome and asked him to finish up the rest... Buruh upahan menyuruh Boss wat keje ^_^..

"what lies in this very packet is a monster.. So heavy, it kills! You would think 'ade batu ke dlm ni!' But no, its something even more devastating.. That is cement."

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