Friday, July 31

The proposal Review

I just watched this movie: The Proposal!! At first, I was like "proposal? *sigh~*" Im not really into romantic movie ya know? :| But since my friend wanted to watch that so I watched it.. To my surprise, It is so good! It has all the sarcastic, jokes, n sexiness an american movie has to offer o_O I highly recommend to those who like to watch romantic comedy movie and even for those who are not.. I think I'll give it a 4.99/5 ^_^


  1. which scene do you like the most? i like the one when they bumped into each other, naked. like hell kot ktorg gelak.

  2. ahhaa yeah that was really funny! aku just tak paham nape laki tu perlu bukak baju sume sambil dgr ipod time tu ZZZZZ
    Tp ak lawat part yg anjing tu! dia dah slamatkan, pastu offer balek!! pastu makcik tu plak budget dia mesra ngan anjing,, wakaka
    N the dance part yg dgn nenek tu pun tak ley blah o_O