Thursday, July 16

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Review*spoiler alert*

So how was your harry potter movie experience?

For those who had read the book, the movie might come as disappointing, at least for me. The movie is very fast paced, the flow is not very smooth, and very less action in terms of using spells and fighting against the Death Eater. I understand they have to pack all the things in one. Maybe Im asking too much, maybe I should n't have red the book in the first place? But I guess what the viewer would of expected from a story this caliber is the "magic" of this story in which I found it less amusing in this movie.

Though I have to admit some part of the story are fun, like when Draco discover Harry Potter using the invisibly clock ,paralyze and stomp him. Also when Ron drank a love potion and almost poisoned to death..

On the bad side, The fighting scene were surprisingly short, and there is really no point in the death eater invading hogwarts if all they do is burning Hagrid's hut and watching draco trying to kill dumbledore -_-" (in the book the death eater is actually fighting the other wizards too.) And whats with this half blood prince? In this movie it looks like the half blood prince in not even important!! Why ##### even bother to declare himself the half blood prince? As if anyone cares.. I bet harry potter was saying to himself "whatever" when it happens:P For those who blur in why ##### is callling himself as the half blood prince, it is because ##### family name is called Prince and ##### parents are one from wizard family and another one from the muggles (ordinary human.).Thus making him half human blood, half wizard blood.. But they dont explain that in the movie because like i told u, the half blood prince is not even worth to be curios at in this movie

Nevertheless, regardless of how bad the movie may be, Harry Potter and the half blood prince is a movie that you must watch if youre a Harry Potter fan, Just so you can cross it out from your bucket list. So enjoy the 2 hours and 30 mins of this noob Potter -.-"


  1. aisehhh x best ek? ko tgk kat mane? the mines ke jusco?

  2. kat jusco jer.. eh tapi tak best bg aku je.,. mane tau bg ko best.. so kene la tgk :P

  3. sgt x bes...
    motif ending tgk matahari diiringi lagu glorious?cm dorg da mng match plak...