Wednesday, July 22


I am at PD right now.. It is not very interesting because there arent many people here. I just went with my mum (who had activities like all the time) and my little sister (whos like to watch tv like 70% of the time) so Im pretty much stuck with nothing to do and no one to do with! lol

However I did found the hotel food there is really good and it is buffey... And theres this new manga Kekkaishi that I am started to have interest with :D

spaghetti + black pepper meat + sesame & curry chicken + fish soup + dessert..
who could ask for more? ^^

A typical lunch there..

We did not went to the beach yet.. I guess because I was still dazzled by the Pulau perhentian beach that I have less interest on the PD beach.. I might go tomorrow...

Till then, hope u guys enjoy ur holiday ~

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