Thursday, July 30

An interesting pick up line I heard from a friend.

*jiwang alert* LOL

On a free day, I went to my friend house living not far from my home.. He was very good with girls.. I then asked him "Ajar la aku camne ko ngorat awek ahaha" with a no serius tone.. He then show his skills talking to a girl and it was rather impressive.. (I found it hard to copy though).. My friend then bragged about how he has a friend so good at picking up girls even better than him??.. I doubt such a man exist (coz he already too good LOL) but being curios, I asked how good??

*He began his story*
Lets call his friend Mr X

It was a busy day, there are many ppl waiting at the bus stop at the University.. There is this girl, so white, so cun and all the good things I guess ( or so he say) -.-" Mr X wanted to get her phone number and possibly tackel her. They hardly know each other that much... Mr X approached her and said:

Mr X: Awak, awk boleh tolong miscall nombo sy tak.. Sy punye hp ni rasenye rosak la .. Tak bole terima call..
Awek Y: "?" Kenape awk tak suruh kwn awk je miscall awk?
Mr X: Dyorang dah try tadi tapi tak dpt2 jugak.. tak tahu kenape.. Awk try la pulak miscall sy... ^_^
Awek Y calling.. Hp Mr X berbunyi ..
Mr X: Eh, boleh la pulak!! Terima kasih la awk..
Awek Y: Sama- sama.
Mr X: Awak, alang2 dah ade no telepon ni, boleh sy tahu nama awk siape?
Awek Y: Saya TTYLLOL#!
Mr X: oo Saya ROFLLMAO!

And they continued to talk and my friend did not go into the details,... but that definitely is some pick up line LOL!

My friend said Mr X finally got her to be his gf, n they couple up until now.. Hope they'll last coz their first encounter is quite something :D