Wednesday, July 15


This past few days, I've been aiding and following my nephew progress to find an work for a job. Surely, I myself is not looking for any job. You would think that I'm being picky.. Well truth be told, I am -.-" Of course there are lot of things to be considered when you looking for a job. Firstly, regardless of how other reasons outweigh this one, people always want to know this: "how much it pays". (yes I cant deny its an important element coz you want to know how much ur effort and time are worth).. Still, I think it is more crucial to be 'in synch' with the job. Which means you doing something you love or well at the least, you don't hate it or get bored over it. Hold that thought.

See, My cousin is a hardworking man. Or so I thought. He just went back from school abroad and he will be here at msia until December. Thats really long so it is only natural for him to go looking for a job to fill his free gap. He work as a worker in 7eleven which is pretty cool I guess. I think he says that you get rm800+ per month.. After 5 days working there, he quit..

Im like, wt ef? why? Didnt I mention that my cousin is "fairly good" in terms of religion.. He said the reason he quit is because he has to handle the beer, liquor etc. In Islam, it is said that any1 who brings, serve, drinks or anything related to bringing the beer to be drink is committing a sin... So he went on a tantrum, rebel and finally on strike (erk a bit exaggerated..) Hrm, I remember last time when I work at the corner store, I also has deal with providing pork in a packet.. I wonder if I'd committed sin there -_-"

Well now he and his friend (along with me as a bystander) continue to pursue a job in Alamanda Putrajaya... He found a job in the bowling place, but sadly only 1 spot is open when he and his friend wants both of them to get hired.. So they still loooking for a job, wish them luck ^_^ i gtg nature calls... urrgh~

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