Saturday, May 9

Spring semester is officially over!

I cannot believe that the Spring Academic Yeas is finally Over!! It really is!! I did a bit bad , but yeah, Its over!! It feels like it was just yesterday that I open my eyes, being at my old apartment on-campus and go to school by the Parking lot shuttle bus with my housmate Dylan! OMG I can finally go back home.. Malaysia that is! Its been like 2 years.. I wonder how my house would be like? my Room? My family? and the cities and stuff..

Today is the senior graduation night! Wow they finally graduating... Zali, Din, Ina, Fendi, Ajim, Pekan ,Ibah and the others.. As a U of R student, i havent really spend much time with the RIT seniors, but I do have some memories with them.. Zali had taken me to Darien Lake with Ina and Din... Ajim was totally cool and Fendi, well.. I guess even now he doesnt know my name -.-" I guess it make sense coz when he see me, all he really see is my brother Muiz that he knews at KISAS.. :-s

Congrats ALL RIT Senior's for your graduation!! FOr Real!! It must be really hard to reach that point..It must have been a wonderful experiance.. I hope I one day will graduate too..

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