Thursday, May 14

MoMo can u Stay still PLEASE!!

Momo arrived here yesterday.. All of us are happy to see the cat.. However this morning, somebody knocked our house door.. I look it through the glass and see 3-4 men waiting outside..

As far as pets are concerned, cats and dogs arent really allowed here at the university apartment.. So I was a bit worried.. Think... think.. where to hide this fat cat?? lol.. So I decided to put him under the cupboard (hopefully he would stay still..)

I opened the door.

Mr Anonymous:"Hi, We come here to check the house because we're trying to put a wireless connection in the apartment.. Can we check the house for a minute. Just a Minute..."

Me:"No, can you come a bit later.. I dont think now is the right ti...."

Momo came and moved between me and the Mr Wireless cable ...


Mr Wireless:"You do know we dont allow pet here? "


Mr Wireless:"Is that your cat?"

Me:"No, thats my friend cat.. it will be here for just awhile..."

Mr Wireless:"If you let us check in the house we would do you a favor of not reporting the cat.. Dont worry about it."

Me:"Really? ok. Come in." Dalam hati ( eee MOMO ni tak bole duduk diam,.... kan dah kantoi..momo sdp je jalan lengang lengok..)

2 min after..

Mr Wireless: Ok , we're done.Thank you..

Me:"wow that was fast.. Thank you.. Bye."

Momo survived!! for now -.-"


  1. ahaha ye ke momo kantoi? momo ni mmg suka kantoikan diri dr dulu lg. ish3

  2. ecah ko tau tak momo bocorkan katil mior lg? hahahahaha sian miors

  3. HAHA kantoi! XD Ko tak balik ke summer nih?

  4. aku tgh winter lah dude haha