Wednesday, April 22


Dear Blog,

How are things? While ur busy watching trees moving blocking the sceneriec view behind of it, I was having a handful of stuff to take care of.

Sure its been awhile, I even forgot u existed.. Well I guess that statement was a bit too much.. There's no way I forgot about you! There's no way I forgot when one of my homies were shouting “Jom tgk Pokok LALu~” but all he did is using my blog to jump to other ppls blog.. urkh annoying as always..

Sure there's lots of stuff goin on,.. Theres this citrawarna festivel and also the malay bbq... It was fun but I dnt really wanna talk about it -.-”

Lastweek I just watched soutpark.. It was about Cartmen Ego.. He claimed to be the one who owned a joke that wasnt really his. The joke was pretty funny though,, It was:

Person1: hey do you like fish sticks?

Person2:Yes, I do.

Person1:What are you, gayfish?

LoL,Yeah it was really funny u should watch it ^__^

I have been a lab TA for 2 semester and this is the first time I encountered with a girl whos voice is really funny.. Not that I wanna make fun of her, but yeah, I think becoz the way she talks was too getik.. She was talking about how she do this and that and it doesnt work.. While listening, I actually laughed a bit.. She noticed and said “Why are you laughing? Is my code really that wrong?? Ignore this top part because I just write stuff there.” I said “Oh, so you didnt finish the top part yet” (When in reality I was literally laughing at the way she speaks xD).. and she always says “That Make Sense”.. In cs, sometimes understanding the logic can be a bit hard and its a mere ordinary to hear ppl says “It / that make sense” I myself said it maybe like a hundred times now.. Even so, gosh, you dnt have to say it like for every sentence u make in the code!! Of course I play with her a bit and asked “does it make sense?” She”THAT MAKE SENSE” - (with the getik voice!! :D).. God I love my job :) Too bad I cannot do it next semester coz the class is not offered anymore :(


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