Monday, April 6

A happy weekend


This day, I was feeling a little relieved.. The reason being is that I just finished my project 3 - pointer locations!! I was so happy that I figured I wanna go outside with some1 and treat them to dinner.. Yes, i was indeed happy...I jumped in the house and screaming.. I said to assip Im happy, but he was unaffected by my happines?? :| I guess that no biologist would understand how it feels like to finish an annoying yet confusing CS project -.-" So I ym Muni coz she also learn cs and said to her how happy i was and i want to treat her.. But I didnt,... yet.... -.-"

I was angry at my laptop.. ! For some reason, it kept on shut downing whenever i used it to watch videos, games or just reading manga... arrh im so angry with it.. So i decided to buy a new laptop... It seems that the netbook is pretty popular these days.. Yes, all of my cs friends were showing off their netbook during lecture... Its a common thing to see students playing video games while hearing the dull CS lectures.. One day, the professor was like "students, can you not hide your face behind your laptop... I want to see your faces coz you might watch porn or something" ... LoL.. So I ask my friend for help , and decided to buy the ASUS ee pc 1000HE .. Cost me about $389 + $30(tax) .. Not bad for a netbook I guess.. Cant wait for the netbook to be in my hand :D

Saturday :

It was the dota tournament Second round! Me, Nick and a new member Mike formed Team TEAM 2, (we cant call ourselves team TEAM coz Steve didnt play :( ).. It was an epic battle againts my previous hallmate friends when I was a freshman... John, Syafayat and Andrew... They were saying "Its not fair, we meet Barry in the first round of this Single Elimination tournament!" Ahahaha.. They said "gun for Barry".. Yeah I dont know what they mean... I ask them and it basically means they want to aim and kill me first... Ofc they were underestimating me and they were owned pretty bad.. =.="

The second round was a disaster.. We Lost.. We, the defending champion lost! and it is all Mike fault!! Well It's ok Mike.. We're all once a noob too... :-s

But in the end, we win the tournament by combining with the team that beat us in an epic 5v5 againts the other semi finalist xD Joe and Assip take me from U of R back to RIT.. Thanks guys..

At night, we do the poster thing for next weekend MySa event..


Just when I thought that the sunday will be a day to relax and do nothing, an event occured.. Well cant really say much as they say "Things in Perkins stay in Perkins" :p


A new CS Project, project 4 is out... GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAT!! D:


  1. okeh aku tunggu ko belanje! project aku hampir siap ni. kalau berjaya aku figure out benda gila ni aku belanja ko plak! haha

  2. jom mkn king david :D tak penah try.. project baru aku lagi ntah kene wat maze pastu solve @_@

  3. tade cite bru ke?