Wednesday, April 1

April Fool

yes April fool come again this year.. Yeah it is not a thing to be celebrated.. This year theres nothing special happened.. But i Just remembered what happened to my April Fool last year which was pretty much define a good April FOol. LOL... well it didnt happen to me... but it happens to someone I know.. True story:

It was April first, 2008.. Everything seems normal.. people going to class, chatting, eating.. It was so normal that it didnt even occur to me that it was april fool.. I was at my Intro to Psychology class, spacing out of focus from the decent yet boring lecture about memory and dreams.. As the lecturer talks in front of like 100 students, suddenly, the front door opened and stood a girl with glasses.. It caugh my attention.. ALl eyes were on her and people were like "??? ......."

The girl, correcting her glasses, then speak out LOUD.. it was so LOUD that it makes people who were sleeping during lectures awake, going "wha?? " and some ppl even stand up to see whats goin on??.. She then continue to speak " I have an announcement to make." .."Jane, I know I have been your friend for awhile.. We always hang out and eat together.. As time goes on, you become reallly important to me.. I am so touch that I had you by my side.." she began to cry..

" sob, sob... I dont think I can lie to you anymore T___T... I Love you Jane.. I love you so much.. Please accept My love! She then come to the girl Jane and kissed her!! " Yes.. it makes an awkward silence.. Even , Jane, the girl who was kissed by her friend was confuse... She doesnt know what to say.. she was looking at her friend and were like "??? wa??" The girl, however, still crying, than shee went out of the lecture hall.. for a brief moment, all ppl were like "......."

only after than, some people were laughing, and I heard somebody said" April fool!".. I'm like "oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" xD I thought it was some serious thing, in the end it was just an act! what a good act btw!

Ppl were laughing.. and then, the lecturer said " WOuld you (Jane) be made at me if I said I was into this too?"

People were like "ZOMG, FOR REAL??"

n then the lecturer explained that the girl did ask her permisioon to do the April fool in class before and she approved.. xD

How's your awesome April fool experiance?


  1. lols.
    mine was.... unexpected. i got ur friend tu la bari. and love.... but then it's gone already.

  2. haha april 1 aku takde pape pun, i dont think we even realised that it was april the 1st.

    last year was a different story tho =.=