Thursday, March 26


Well I havent written anything for so long.. There isnt much interesting things to say.. Oh, last weekend we played Mafia... I really hate playing that game!! What a bunch of friggin liars!! especially Mior and JiJi!! Here I quote one of their line when they are Mafia that totally makes me want to kill them! -.-"

JiJi : "Bari aku percaya kau. Aku percaya kau bukan mafia".
Mior: "Aku tak tau la. Aku dah confuse ni".

Anyways, I've been busy working on this CS project which look something like in the link.. Its not really that bad, but I'm just a bit confuse and this does take a lot of my time.. T.T
CS Project

Congrats to all my brothers and sisters for getting good results in upsr, pmr, and spm.. I MIGHT buy u guys something special when I return to Malaysia soon ^^ You guys still have a long way to go..

I hope I got to finish the project soon.. its been like 5 days already since I work on it.. Still figuring out how to use the intersection method to check whether a line segment is on which side o.O help any1? probably not -.-"


  1. JiJi: betul kali ni bukan aku. knape akuuu??
    Mior: aku ke jadi batu penanda ni?


    Bari: ape aku plak? bkan aku lah!! (sambil emo tak mao2)


  2. hazirah la angel yg nubass =.=