Sunday, March 15

terlepas bus..

oh we were about to go to abang nazrul house naek bus which moves 324 from gleason.. usually it takes 5 mins to reach the bus stop.. however, today it came 3 mins early so me n mior was stunned as we tgk the bus going just 5 meters aways from us.. theres nothing we can do.. and its not like we have a next bus.. we can however go take a bus to the mall and take the 436 from the mall.. but me n mior agreed that it would be too late to do so..

i invited hazirah to come along.. but she already took the bus then.. sorry we werent there... but theres nothing we can do...

Pao called and suggest us to call abang Nazrul to pick us up... well i talk about that to mior. but he said he already deleted the invitiational email he receive from Nazrul.. and he and me was segan to ask him to pick us up too -.-"

so we didnt go.. asip was going back home saying all those words like "sedap gile.." ah he even said "kalau aku boleh mkn bnyk dah lame dah aku makan"... he also said that if we had called Abang Nazrul, he would have picked us up since he also picked 2 girls lived close to our apartment.. how ironic -.-"

urkh... i am hungry.. but fortunately mior cooked something for dinner :D
sorry Abang Nazrul we cant come.. and happy birthday Tasneem =.="