Friday, August 28


Seeing my brother, rauf so good in playing guitar n drums, I am inspired to learn to play musical instrument.. I know, at this age, it might be hard for me to learn. Aiming to buy a cool n hopefully not-to-expensive digital drum set and a acoustic guitar once I reach US (thanks for the convenience online shopping) -.-"

Planning on myb buying this. AN OSP DD-502 MKII Digital Drum Set... Is it gd? o_O

Aaah still, There's are a lot of things that needs to be done when I'm back in US like

1. Catch up with class. ( I'm already absent for 3 day of class when I reach there).
2. Catch up with Hong. (Need to discuss about psychology class n our plan to try market investment)
3.Catch up with Mior and Hasif (About house stuff, storage, unpacking, cleaning, billing)
4. Catch up with Prof Zucherman (Social Psychology research class, need contach him asap?)..
5.Catch up with Nick ( For CS issue n planning n myb yet another Fall dota tournament? lol)
6.Catch up with Marty (for CS advising - so confused coz the cs department has moved from an art and science department to the engineering department thus making some changes in the major requirement).
7.Catch up with other friends ( for life sake :D)

So much to do!! SO MANY CLAM SO LITTLE TIME!! :D

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