Thursday, December 10

arctic dungeon

Snow! We meet again! Coz of u, the roads are slippery. Hence, the bus move slower.. Making me arrive late at campus.. Snows are beautiful but they are also extremely annoying.. Seeing snow, I just remembered the skill arctic dungeon from the game Blazblue. It was a really good 1v1 fighting game with superb graphics.. HD ftw~

Both Assip favorite character : Noel vs Laichi

I also started to play yugioh 5d - tag 4 on my psp.. You know how these days students are like extremely busy? Don't really have the time to duel to gain DP's to buy booster pack :p (Not to mention i was kinda dnt know how to use the new card combo so i had to watch the anime to learn about it XD) So why bother? Activate your cheat to get all the cards! Sure its not the same then getting the cards by urself .. but oh well.. I wish I could send my psp back to msia so that my little brother rahman can play it.. I know he's such a big fan of yugioh.. -.-"

Hrmm really.. Games is good and all.. But it would be more fun once in a while to go outside and chill with friends.. I think this friday im going to go out and celebrate the end day of class! Winter break here i come!!

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