Friday, October 2

I'll be going to DC this weekend.. I didnt wanted to go.. but was forced due to peer pressure.. Abraham Lincoln, here i come.. I hope u become animated like in the night at the muzeum 2 -.-"

I am broke! I should have saved my money for traveling. But instead I bought a PS3, an Acoustic guitar (In which I dont know how to play and havent tuned it yet) and a Digital drum ( dnt know play drums either).. I bought it coz i think its cool to learn it.. . Ironically enough, my motivation for music actually starts from playing the rock band game from ps3 o_O.. However, it seems very heard to learn as time is of the essence.. Mind got confused between dota, music, movies, studying ???

Trivial - i also bought a lots of other stuff like headphones, amplifier, netflix, a new ram for my netbook, textbooks.. Clearly im too boros atm..

Have a nice weekend ^_^


  1. bajet style ah beli gitar ngan dram? jadah pa beli kalau x taw men? hahaha