Friday, June 3

Midwest was a blast! I cannot believe that I get to meet a lot of people, my friends especially after 3-4 years... For the most part, they seem just like how I remembered them. Well, khai was a little thinner (good for him)... Time moved so fast... But its nice that we all have something in common to talk about:

"Kau balek Malaysia bile?"
"Ape plan lepas balek Malaysia?"
"Pergi mane2 ke balek Malaysia lambat/awal ni?"

I cannot believe that I will be leaving the United states in 3 more weeks. 4 years feels so long yet so short! I wonder what lies ahead in my future, hopefully I can find a decent job. It seems that I'm in that age where a lot of people are either working, doing master or phd or getting married! I'm happy for them and I hope I could come to people's wedding and look at their happy faces :D
Especially when I'm unemployed and dont know what to do back home :p

Every journey comes to an end. I feel joyful and satisfied with a slight regret. I learned and explored new things, good and bad. Hope every experience I gained here can put me on the next level, making me become all the better, faster, stronger xD

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