Monday, June 20

Trip to home

Its a very long flight!!!!

I started off alone from ROC and on Chicago o'haire airport.. The terminal change was very far from my arrival gate.. I made there on time n boarded to la... Me alone in the big LAX airport.. As i going outside, i realised my bag was a bit thin... I checked n OMG i left my laptop on the american airline carrier!!!

I ran towards the kastam but they wont let me through.. Said i need a boarding pass.. I tell her my situation and she advised me to contact AA employees... They are a lot of em.. But when asked, they can only say " ask the supervisor"... Pffft ... I finally found the said supervisor and OMG, it looks like she already hv a handful herself!! idk.. To ask or not to ask... As she was busy withva group of tourist checkin, i act worrysome while raising my hand... She saw but ignored me... I stood there, silenced...

After a couple of minutes, she muttered "what do u need?" ... Thank god.. I explained like my laptop life depends on it, she began to make some phonecalls... Making an indifference face, she said "we found it"... Wait here.. A relief, felt from my inside out... I waited, yes... It took so long but i dnt care... Its worth it as my next flight to malaysia is in 6 hours.. I smiled :)