Tuesday, December 23

Happy Holidays!

Finally i watched Saw 5 on my laptop! alone :(
Omg it was scary watching it alone.. at first i watch it using my earphone.. but then i decided that it was too scary (since the sound is so direct to my ear) so i just used the speaker and lower down the voice xD

Well, i did not predict the good guys still lost in this Saw movie! Just when I thought the good police was about to capture the villain, he was then trapped and crushed between two walls T__T AH my apologise for the spoiler if you havent watch it o.O you should! It makes you appreciate your own body xD though in a weird way i guess :-s

Been at Mior's for awhile now... who knows that this might end up being my house too XD

So jealous some of my friends whent to florida.. I really wanted to go to but no1 invited me T_T
but yeah i am kinda broke so i guess i will go later someday..

ok so cuti nak g mane? lepak kat trap? lol... I always wanted to make a snowman.. i guess i should try that if the weather is less colder -.-"

And yeah, happy holidays everybody!和 新 年快了!(and a happy new year :D )


  1. zzzzzzzzzzzz.
    jd ceti jap. where's is my check ?
    will be closing my bank acc in few weeks.
    happy holiday barry !

  2. haha tak tau ble nak dtg rumah.. myb Soon XD

  3. ko ada saw 5??! nak!!! terang x??
    xpe barry,nanti ko g la florida bila dh ada duit..
    ak pun xde duit *_* 2 breaks n still didnt go anywhere... pathetic gile ak T_T
    anyway,happy holiday!!!

  4. lol afnan watch it online ah .. n yeah as u expected on9 is not that clear =.="
    lol same ah kte T__T men game ftw? xDD
    happy holidays to u 2 -.-

  5. barss, if u wanna build snowman invite2 lah tau2. hahah

  6. already did at back of perkins :D though it was small coz zira said it was enough -.-"