Friday, November 14

Blogger ftw XD


Omg I finally decided to use blogger instead of friendster blog. Blogger seems more cool lol -.-"

I havent write anything for awhile now.. Just have so many stuff to do.. with exams and homework... Not to mention I was a bit sick before.. Thank god now I feel great XD Wow Im so jealous with RIT ppl yg dah habis quarter.. Best gle korang dah habis.. jealous2!!

well n i also heard some of u guys plan like going to florida la, nyc la, chicago la, bahamas la n even california!!... Well u guys i hope ur plan going smooht and have fun!! well all i can do is "T________T" omg sgt miskin ok... A feew days before, some1 was 'Ym'ing me and ask about my plans on this Thanksgiving.. He said he wants to go mane ek dah lupe.. but i said to him something like"Erk i think u gd the wrong person to invite... aku miskin lol" .. aah benci jadi orang miskin :p

And so... in order to change my fate (Of paying 966 USD a month to the Freaking University) ... I contacted MARA to ask them to negotiate to the resident life ppl to release me from this stupid yet expensive school housing.. And so Im going to meet the Director of Residential Life this Monday.. Wish me luck :p Weekend is here yippy!! JOM maen rockband 2 kat umah naje sabtu ni!! XD

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