Wednesday, November 19


The U of R river campus as viewed from the sky :p

Do you like SNOW????? I really hate snow.. well the fact that it is just too cold, make you feel a bit annoyed, and also you feel like not doing anything or myb find a source of heat.. Whenever I go out in the snow, I always try to walk fast so that I can reach the next building faster (Coz its so warm and nice inside) XD I have been asking this question to lot of people..

Jeffrey: I love snow!
me: Why?
Jeff: I just love it! But I dont like it if it was just a bit of snow coz its make the road slippy.

Mat: I love snow!
Mat:Dont u just find it beautiful and when u look it from outside, you wana be like "hey, that such a nice weather.. lets go outdoors", Not to mention I love snowboarding.
Me:Erk.. Idk how to snowboard.. tried it once but i keep on falling T_T
Mat: Hey its not hard to learn, you just need a good teacher! (bla2* he was talking and demonstrating enthusiasticly like how to snowboarding lol)

A random chinese guy: I love it!
Me: Why?
Me:You have snow back in china? XD
He:No. I came to Rochester because I thought its going to snow all the time. Coz they say Rochester = snow..
Me: Erk.. Ok..

But I have to admit, despite me hating it, snows are beautiful ^^


  1. i love snow when they're out of my way, which i know that would never happen. i like watching them falling from the sky. but! the weather that follows to yg gloomy. menyakitkan hati T__T. they make the sun not shine.

  2. aftermath of snow falling.. tak nk jatuh lg ;p