Wednesday, November 26

Cuti thanksgiving!!

Wow finally start cuti!! but cuti2 pun still cam bnyk hw coz semester lom habis agi T.T stuff to be remembered the most: Psychology Project Paper! >.<>

My apartment --> U of R IT Center --> Mt Hope --> The Mall --> RIT Gleason..

we part ways at Gleason due to some minor disagreement with the plan on going back home lol :p I reached perkins first and i realised "wait, I have no keys for the house!!, and Mior was dining out with Naje and friends." erk so I got a bit side-tracked but eventually end up being back at Perkins -.-"

When I arrived Mior + Asip house, I opened the door n a cute familiar face emerge to greet me!! It was Momo, the cute-blackgraywhite-fat-lazy-pickleless cat xD OMG momo sgt comel ok ...dem geramnye!! I couldnt resist myself but to camwh*ring with him xD but before it happen, Mior and asip was one step faster so I ended up taking their picture first -.-"
Asip with momo

Me and Momo

Hrm so here my Thanksgiving break started!! But so far, i have heard this statement from 3 different people "Tak besnye cuti nak dekat habis".. LOL aku baru start lagi le kejap je nk habis T.T


  1. omg momo! comel nyieeee dang!

  2. btw gamba momo ngn asip nmpk momo kelihatan sungguh cool. gamba barry dgn momo, momo mcm kata "x larat nak layan". hoho