Wednesday, April 28

Internet OCD

Energetic aren't we?
Yea!! Coz I is done for this week! no exam until next thursday!
Finally can update my blog!!
LoL, sadly nothing interesting happens.. Sure there are lot of drama in the house, or darkness on school life, BUT i dont want to build controversy by discussing such sensitive yet intriguing matter!!
I come by the proverb "In pm(private message), I trust" =.=" u nvr want to expose too much stuff to the world!

Last week, najmi tagger me about internet cycle... havent got the free time till now! might hv too much free time in fact xD can finally finish final fantasy that is currently on chapter 9? Zomg digressed.. Yes fei always said that I digressed too much.. So here my Internet OCD.. not entirely honest, but not much of trolling either o_O

GTG, Cherry blossoms are blooming!!

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  1. nice one! gile ah check stock syal. ko men saham ke bro?