Sunday, May 2

Computer alarm!


For those who doesn't have an alarm clock, or not a handphone alarm fan, you can make your computer act as an alarm!! Yesterday, I told mio that I could program one using html+javascript or possibly php.. BUT i thought, well people might hv already make it.. ( a cold hard truth about programming that explains massive usable programming libraries).. so we search for it on google and the first ranked was pretty much what we need!

Try it out:

Credit and thank to those amazing makers.

So you just add a youtube video as your alarm, and it will play the video when it reached the time you set! (internet is required).. ofc this is fairly simple with weaknesses like:

1-unable to repeat the video once it done
2-cant do multiple alarm time
3-no snooze ( but I guess if you came to your laptop to close the window u might as well set a new one! took 10 secs.)

But still, its pretty neat. Would be nice to program myself, myb I try it later. As of now, there's so many things at my arsenal T_T

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