Friday, May 14


Hey, my friend like to exaggerate a lot! he always says "oh this is the best!" or so.. well there is nothing wrong with that. I do think he really mean it which is amusing to me. Like a couple days back,

he said: "Barry, do you want to get Ice cream!. I could take you to Netsins the BEST icecream place in rochester!!"
Me:"Really? Better than Friendly's?" (the one i sometimes eat at home that asip n mio liked so much)..
He:"Yea! better than friendly's, coldstone and abbot. And people dont even know!"

Me:"lol really.. Ok lets go!"

We went there and I get Orange Pineapple + Cotton candy Icecream.. Bought a large cup for like 3 dollar...

We eat it outside in the warm, windy summer.. The icecream was indeed awesome ! love it! But im not sure if you would call it the best ice cream in rochester.. My friend disagree, he said it taste just perfect, like it is not exaggerating in sugar or flavor.. well it just a matter of opinion..

*extra* He:"Barry you should try this candy. Its MAD good!"
Me: *looking at the candy, zomg a kopiko!* "oh yeah this is good i had one at malaysia ^_^"

Bunch of random stuff:

Zomg never captured a pic with this tiger at RiT.

Kiasu Tir at work even during Imagine RiT

Ahh~ first time eat here with a lovely friend o_O.. Also reminds me of eating a buffet at seoul garden malaysia with my awesome brothers celebrating my birthday ^_^

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