Wednesday, May 12

Yes we can

Yes we can!

The thought of finishing class is only momentarily! While everything seems to come to an end, a new chapter begins.. Hence summer session! Which start next week! Haven't bought books, but we'll see. Also doing summer research with a well-known Professor in the Social Psychology field.. Still a noob, need to learn to do media lab and DirectRT :-s Nevertheless, a pass of success seems opened, dimmed before but strengthened now.. All that is left is for me to be motivated.. In which I am so-so in it.. How could I be? I have so many dilemma that is so hard to explain.. Yup! I am at my limit, wait maybe not..

"Yes we can" or so that's what Obama said.. I shall change my perception.. My nab faulty thinking.. or perhaps even meet a therapist.. that's what my friend suggest.. How? Yup people who knows me knows that I said "how" a lot.. a blonde bimbo? NOOOOOO!!~ :(

A true blonde bimdo:

??? : Are you from California?
Me: ?????? *puzzled* No, I am not! (thinking why would he say such thing, does Asian at california typically look like me?)
???: Coz your shirt say california.
*Me wearing Hollister California sweater"


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