Thursday, April 1


Demotivational Poster for today:


Yesterday I had the weirdest dream.. I dont usually hv dream, but when I do, it tend to be long with like 2-3 different dream.. (and i wake up late the morning!!) ... Of course it is hard to remember those dream because its not reality. You dnt really experience them.. But since yesterday was sort of odd, so I can remember it.. most if not all =.="

So the dream start of normally. I was back home in Malaysia.. Probably back in Bndr Tun Hussein Onn .. Not quite sure.. But for some reason, I hated people.. God forbid, I bombed my home when my family was around.. So I act natural, trying to not the police know that I did it.. (sort of like playing mafia and using jiji's innocence face and said "BUKAN AKU!!").. But I figured eventually they'll know.. (guess CSI has a big impact on this notion).. So i was scared.. What should I do.. Hrmm suddenly I remembered a quote from optimus prime of transformers 2 "I'll take you all on!" sure fighting againts the police seems retarded, much less stupid..

So I bombed another place wheres there innocent people living.. OMG what hv i Done?? Theres no turning back now.. You know in CSI where ppl said "criminals tend to go back to their crime scene".. So did I in the dream!! I went back and checked make sure I didnt leave any evidence.. For some reason, People noticed me.. Oh I'm in trouble??

My suspicion came true.. Police cars came "swarming" my house.. Wait, how did I get a new house when my original house was bombed? =.=" (a dream faulty there).. I fled to the back door.. Like a techies using a remote bomb I said "See you die".. BOOOMER BOOM! hrmm how evil I was.. Some police survived the epic explosion.. They still searching for me...

I ran as fast as I can... Remembered a quote from LOTR that gandalf says to Frodo "When you travel, Stay out of the road!' Who am I to surpass the speed of a police car? So yes I hided away from the road, blend myself with nature and buildings.. The police, beginning to comform that it is my crime, looked all out for me..

Search as they may, they'll never find me ^_^

I guess "You can run, but you can't hide" is not necessarily true :/

-bri boomer-


  1. i had two different dreams but with the same guy. (takde kaitan)

    oh bars, amboi2. dan2 link livejournal aku kan!

  2. erk dah ko getik tukar xD tp ade gak update blogger.. so pe cer? cnfuse @_@