Wednesday, August 25

For Crying out Loud


The past few weeks, I've been biking to U of R whenever I am doing Psychology research work. Took me an everage of 35-40 minutes to reach there. Unfortunately my bicycle tire got leaked (by a mere stapler!!) so I take out my longboard and went to campus by bus.

Ok, bringing my longboard was a huge mistake. The road to campus to/from the bus stop are either too bumpy (not jalan tar) or jalan tar but too steep! (ofc kalo bukit terlalu curam nnt bahaye bwk longboard coz susah nak break =_=")..

Inside the bus, there is this family. A mum, a hot eldest daughter (19 or so), a son (5) and a small girl baby (1)..

The baby was crying out loud, albeit cute with curly blonde hair.. Almost all people sitting nearby was watching the baby and the mother that tries to sooth her.. I? I was standing (xde tmpt duduk) really close to them, hence watching the baby/mum and the hot teen every now and then ^_^

See, the baby didnt stop crying! From Mt Hope to the Mall, the baby went all out.. The mother tried everything (Patting her back, trying to give food or drink, playing with her, and carrying her while saying "Awww she is tired" --is this suppose to work? --) And the sister and brother being the misali siblings also helped their mum but to no avail..

When reaching the Mall, I think the bus driver can't stand it anymore.. lol.. Being cold and direct as any authoritative should be, she commanded "Excuse me Madam.. Your baby is very loud and disrupting the customer.. (No we're fine really.. a bit annoying but nothing that we cant chew).. You need to find a way to PACIFY her.. If you cannot, I'm afraid you have to go down here and catch the next bus.."

Hrmm its actually my first time to hear the word pacify being used in daily conversation :p So the family have no choice but to stand up, go out from the current bus and wait for the next bus.. (Yes the baby is still crying and have no clue that she is being kicked from the bus.. LOLOLOLOLOLOL)

Good bye hot sister :( and kawaii spiraled hair baby -__-

MTG Jokes -"Mom should have casted Pacifism on the baby" xD

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