Wednesday, August 11

My TCG History

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I assume everyone is familiar with TCG?

TCG basically stands for trading card games.

I remember my first TCG was pokemon TCG that I played on my GameBoy Color. When I first played, I didnt read the rules so I didnt know how to play (thought it was boring)..

But after knowing how to play, it get more fun and my brothers joined along.. When my brother returned from boarding school, he bring home a lot of pokemon TCG.. Only then I know the cards actually exist lol..

One of my favorite old-skool fire pokemon tcg. Charizard's 100 damage sure kill!

We also played Digimon TCG on PS1 which is very different from Pokemon TCG.. My cousin brings the actual card when we hang out at our GrandPa's.. I believe not many people are familiar with this. After all, Digimon company didnt do much to advertise their TCGs. Only their lame digimon gadgets =.="
Who doesnt love the most famous Agumon?

After that, Yugioh was introduced. When you first watch it in TV, Yugioh seems lame.. Whats the point of summoning a weak creature when you can go for the kill with an awesome 3000 atk points of the Blue eyes white dragon? But the real-life TCG was way different than the way yugioh fight on TV. (You cant summon creatures with 5 star or more without a sacrifice).. Only after a certain amount of time they changed their battle rules on TV which is similar to the actual TCG. Yugioh cards have evolved alot since it first introduced. I gotta say the Yugioh 5d's currently airing is worth watching (assuming you are a yugioh tcg fan).


My current favorite card. Having this revived from graveyard, combo with Inferno Reckless Summon and Short Circuit, Resulting to a victory with a OTK (one turn kill). Famous among real yugi tcg players.

And Now, currently interested in MTG (Magic The Gathering)! MTG was nothing new. I first get to know the game in 2004 when Bob bring a lot of his MTG cards to MRSM Taiping. I guess becoz there are too much cards with too much effect so I wasn;t interested into getting to know all of em.

Idk why suddenly now I am interested with it. I guess I like the idea of rushing and staging your creatures to win.. It certainly much harder (strategy wise) to defeat your opponent. Plus, the Artwork of MTG is very eye catching.. Now, if only I have enough Mana to tap -_-"

Lets get it on ^_^


  1. omg bars. get a life. haha jk
    sile cari interest lain. benda ni kkdg membuang duit klo ko beli kad tuuu je. oh well.