Monday, August 2



I am the kind of guy who'll get annoyed/confused when presented with too many things at once.. (aren't we all? :O )..

Ok, one of the most obvious was when I use the internet.. Using internet requires you to use multiple tabs/window for different websites rite?.. So I usually have tabs for yahoo mail, school email, fb, occasionally the hsbc bank, ebay/amazon, google, youtube, and lately megashares (thanks to manche)..

so I get annoyed seeing so many tabs on my browser. Thus, ended up clicking "X" to remove "Idle" tabs most of the time.. But when I wanted to use it back, "pfft, I just closed that tab before. Now need to login again :/"..

Before I know it, clicking the "X" fast was my primary response! (habit)

Nak di jadikan cerita, petang smlm ade kwn YM tanye pasal something.. After I read it, BAM, X clicked... pastu baru terpk, SHOOT, camne nak respond?? dah la invi, pastu mmg tak penah online smpai da tak igt kat subgroup mane o_O (bad organizing group on my part T_T)

Nak search id lak, name nak pelik2 je.. kalo yg leh eja tu ok lg.. tp yg susah nak eja tu yg tak ley blah -.- for example:yafllelcx7 .. ape la kaitan ngn org sbnr.. i just dont get it? .. Kalo garena leh faham lg.. name pelik2 susah org nak igt utk di ban ^_^ tp YM...

hrrmm but I guess everyone's deserved to be an artist in their own ways.. finding name/icon/identity that they were never born with is a pretty cool concept.. (cover sikit :p)

Ok, I need to reduce my clicking "X" urge !!

Quote- ( "X" marks the spot - Indiana Jones. )

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