Monday, February 22

Best of luck to my friend

A very good friend of mine just broke up with his gf..

Apparently he blame the long distance relationship.. College is tough and he had a really bad weeks so he was not in the mood and broke up with his gf..

When he come to his senses and more calm, he tried to make it back to his gf but his gf did not forgive him..

I feel really sad coz I always thought they were very cute together.. I guess long distance is not for everybody.. He did manage to keep it up for years though..

whats done is done.. But its hard to move on.. I know coz ive been stuck in this bad feeling for awhile now... Idk how to go out of this shell.. =.=

Regardless, ive wish him the best of luck.. let us have a more happy life.. slowly, but surely :)

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