Sunday, February 14

Saya nak cuti

Apparently, my cousin Zaimah is entering a Mas competition called "Saya nak cuti". Basically the competition is about people introducing themselves and arguing why they deserve to have a free trip. (kinda desperate huh?). Still its a good thing if she win. I mean, really. I myself would love to get a free trip to Hanoi or whatever.. lol..

You guys should totally check her "hillarious" introduction video here and possibly vote:

Imah introduction video

Hrmm... miss malaysia already :/

1 comment:

  1. owh...desperate??
    hello..!! nk menang percutian, free plak tu...sume di tnggung taw..spe x nk..huhu..pastu ntah2 lepas ni, klu de rzki, dpt ag byk offer media..hehehe..mane tahu..muke pan asia nie..hahaha..minat jugak bidang host ni..
    *for those who have view these blog, here.. vote 4 me ya.! muaxx.!!
    *thanx 4 my cute cousin coz make this promotion..if u can make it bigger n bigger, much be better n better.LMAU...=)