Wednesday, February 3


How can someone be so bold? I feel like ive been shy all my life and I want to discover how to be bold.. People says that well if you want to be bold, you should just ignore what people think about you.. I find that very hard to do.. I always think about myself and ive always avoided attention.. Really need to learn the secret to be more bold and confident o_O

Because when I shy, it usually lead to more negative things like depression, social phobia, anxiety, disjoy.. I never ment to be rude or ignorant to anyone, I just cant handle the pressure of social interaction. (why is there a pressure to begin with?) T_T

Yesterday, when i was taking the bus to the University, A man went inside the bus, saying loudly with energy in his voice "Does anyone have a dollar? I forgot my pass card this morning." No one answered for a sec so I decided to help him.. Ofc I was shy to answer myself, so I decided to (halfly) raise my hand, he sees me and I give him the dollar..

It literally amaze me.. I, even in my wildest dream, I would never do such thing.. Probably in the most desperate situation I would beg the bus driver for mercy (cause it was 1 person attention compared to the whole bus!).. Lately my shyness is getting worse..

This madness has to stop before it get too worse and to the point where I dont have friends anymore.. The feeling is there, just need to "make it work".. Someone also say to me that no matter how smart you are, you wont go far in carreer if you too shy and dont have social skills...

Such a dilemma...

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