Sunday, February 7

Global Unification

Based on my friend's advice, In order for me to improve my sociallness and be less shy, I had to go out and go to events.. Luckily, yesterday there is an event called Global Unification held at RIT which is a good place for me to be less shy, reduce my social phobia and become more social (supportive) : D

Hence, the point of coming there was really to interact with people.. Sure for someone like me, it wasnt an easiy task.. I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of malay ppl present.. From the familiar faces like pao, naje, freshman, to unfamiliar faces like najmi, mat, jie... But this time I control it a bit... I didnt manage to talk to all of em, but I did manage to make conversation with lot of people.. I guess its true that a simple "Hi" wont hurt..

I think Im improving.. The world of socialness has never been this fun : D I wanna be a better person!! I love people!! LoL

Congratulations to all the performers of MySA and the supporters!! You guys show amazing spirit :) Keep up the good work xD

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