Wednesday, February 24

Weird Dream


Yesterday, I dream I am a pro Go player. It was really weird! coz i am super bad at go =.=.. so I was hang out with my friends who's also are Pro Goers. But thing in that world, I didnt play go for a while. My friend asked me to play againts random amateur that we can find nearby..

I said to them:
"amateur? Gimme any amateur and i can beat them in 20 moves!"

So my friend hook me up to an amateur that I know of..(manche) We played.. The dream kinda fast forward to the point where I have to make a critical move.. I felt like the game is so complicated and I've become the REAL me, the one that doensnt know how to play go..

In the current game position, I was 3-way trapped by the amateur, he could gain points either by 100, 1000, or 10000.. But i didnt see the 10000 point move... after a while, I moved to avoid the 1000 points.. just to find out that manche moved to take the 10000 points! But then he said it was 30000 points because of the special formation he make.. Idk whats going on but i nodded agreeing it was 30000 (dnt want make myself look like a noob)..

I resigned.. (impossible to make a comeback).. I said to them: "I havent played for a while!! I lost my touch"! I beg to my friend Marcus to teach me how to be pro again but he said "DO YOU THINK ITS EASY TO BE A PRO??" and then we're about to fight.. the dream ends..

what an educational dream :P

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