Thursday, January 21

Am I alone?

I just IMed my friend zati, my chess mate during high school, and the the only same batch MARA student who is the same like me, Persuing Computer Science..

Barry: hi zati
Zati: hiiiiii
Zati: long time no see
Barry: ko dah start kelas ek (Did you start class already?)
Zati: da (yup)
Zati: ko wat pe tue/ (what are you doing)
Zati : ?
Barry: so ko skrg major ape? : P (what are you majoring now?)
*already suspected she changed major because she was taking really weird class b4*
Zati : food engineering
Zati : :D
Barry : ..........
Barry : what happen to cs?
Zati: hahahahahhahahaha

And Muni told me before that a lot of JPA student in our batch also changed major.. Well this is really discouraging.. Thank god I also indulge myself with psychology.. Hopefully my plan on getting double major works :p

Most important of all, I just discovered lately that I just want to be a MRSM (high school) teacher! lololol >.<

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