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Even though I am single right now and probably will still be for a long time, I also have dated in the past.. Though I dont want to spark any love memories coz it might led me to think back to that person, or rather give me harapan palsu (false hope), I think its fairly fun to share my best and worst date of all time XD

Best Date:

KIV.. Cant really decide which one is the best atm : (

Most Memorable Date:

It was when I met Mrs S for the first time outside school... It was long ago.. In fact, you cant even call it a date coz I was with my friend, waiting for her at mamak :P (Not just the two of us) My friend was constantly harass her with like weird questions so I didnt manage to talk much to her. She was just a friend.. She did came alone with a motorcycle, and we talked for awhile, and take some pictures.. . She has a nice smile and nice eyes.. We loss contact coz she changed her phone number.. Untill now Im still wondering what happened to her .. All that is left is her picture -.-"

Most Interesting:

For me, the most interesting date of all, or would i say foolish? was this time when I went on a date to watch a late night movie.. So we met somewhat evening-ish, walk together, talk, eat and all that normal date stuff untill night probably at 10/11 or something.. Im not exactly sure.. So we were watching this movie untill it ended. One problem arises, how the hell are suppose to get home!! IT was midnight, neither I or her have a car.. We came by public transportation and now they are all out of service... Shoot!! How ? How ? How ??

I dont really know.. it was 2 am.. All I can think of is taking taxi so we went outside to see if there is taxi around.. It was at Mid Valley so I figured taxi might cost a lot and well I dont wanna waste my money on taxi... Should I stay till morning and catch the KTM train? We were both helpless and dont really know what to do.. Before we now it, it was already 3 am in the morning... Then, the most dreadfull thing occured..

"You there, stay where you are!" A Mall Guard (pak gat) shouted at us while walking towards us.. My heart was beating fast.. "What should i do? What should I do? SHould I run??" Yes I was thinking of running.. I cant bear to be caught.. Im scared.. But.. I was thinking.. "If i ran, what would she think of me? can she keep up to my pace? No she cant.. she'll get caught.. It might be the end of us" :O this is futile.. So I didnt move.. We were caught, red handed T_T

So the Pak gat began his lecture "YOu guys bla blab, wat ape kat sini bla bla,, tgh2 malam ni.. bla bla.. kang kene culik ibu bapa yg susah bla bla.." To my surprise, my gf at that time did not know he was a pak gat!! even when it obvious with his uniform and everything LOOOL.. So she replied "OOI ko ingat ko ni sape ha??? SUke hati je datang2 sound orang.. bla bla " Wow that is my first time know she can be this fierce -_-" Pak gat then replied saying he is a guard and everything, but my gf was still in disbelief and mock back at that guard .. O EM Jii...

But then I convinced her that he is, after all, an imba pak gat.. So she apologized and the pak gat continued his lecture :\ At the end of it, he said: "Mak bapak korang tau tak korang kat sini.. Nak ke pak cik bgtau mak bapak korang"..I said: Jangan pak cik! Jangan! Kami bersalah. Kami tak nak bgtau mak bapak.. xnak risaukan dyroang.. hontoni, onegaishimas! -_-" So our plea got through and he agreed to let us sleep somewhere outside the building.. At 6/630am when the train and bus started to operate again we return home and swore never to watch the late night movie again.. Unless if we have cars : D

Worst Date:

It was back then, when i was young and naive.. I was chatting with this girl online in which ive never met in my life.. then surprisingly, this girl chat began to become more personal and stuff, the she said she wanna go out with me to watch movie or something..

I was hesitant.. coz well i didnt know her and stuff, but since I thought it would be interesting and spare time to kill, I go anyway.. And not just go to somewherre nearby! It was at seremban ffs.. Its my first time being there.. what can possibly go wrong o_O

Upon arrival, she was already waiting for me with her friend.. So when I met her, no offense, but she was like this huge, black and tall girl. Lets call her Mrs N.. Even taller than I am.. I tried to run but oh noes, she and her friend already spotted me! So my face was like -_-"" Hi? Surely I prayed to god that it was her friend that is the one im chatting with.. coz her friend was cute.. I think.. But No.. Things are not always go the way we wanted huh?
So eventually, we met up with Mrs N friend's boyfriend so off we go into a double date.. :\
So when we were waiting to buy the ticket, Mrs N was clinging to me like crazy.. I try to avoid but not as much to make myself look rude.. During the movie, god knows what she tried to do.. Make me wonder : "Is this girl a wh***? o_O Ohhh myyy~

So in the end I did not manage to watch the movie properly.. we went to eat at mcdonald afterwards.. At some point, Mrs N and her friend went to the bathroom, so i was chatting with Mrs N friend's bf, He laughly asked "How come you ended up with her? My face was red but i cant really answer that >.< We did talk a bit and one thing I remember is he from SASA..

So after that, I went home, taking a 1 hour bus back to KL.. When the bus started moving, I sat in relief, then she texted me: "So what do you think of me?" .. I leave my text answer to your imagination :P

Gosh what a nightmare.. Lesson learned, do not believe online community that you havent met in real life! Even if they have cute names like puteri_cinta or gadisAyu they probably just some fat girls xD

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  1. haha you've told me one of these stories to me before. ;)