Thursday, January 7

Pet 3

I know this is too soon, but my silver molly fish died! T___T

I havent even name him yet.. After his death, we decided to call him sumpmolk.. Farewell sumpmolk : (

A picture of Sumpmolk after harassed and went to seclusion..

Quote from his Master, Barry Boomer , 2010

"He was a fine fish.. sob sob.. so fine that his body sparks as the moonlight shines upon him.. I know he was special since the first day I own him.. sob .. sob.. Hence the other fish, Murloc and Himtrusa always harass him.. Led him into seclusion.. Sumpmolk, your die shall not be in vain! I shall punish the other two fish by not giving them food for 2 days! T__T"

So now I'll wait and see whether himtrusa and murloc can survive for a few weeks.. Then I might add a new member to the aquarium -.-''