Sunday, January 24

Eternal Sonata

Played a RPG called Eternal Sonata and it was very fun! It was interesting that you can use 3 different controllers to control the 3 different characters in battle. So me, mio, sometime jiji, and asip played it together and we have our own favorite character to play with. Also loved the counterattack and guard system.

Our favorite character:
Mio - Serenade, Beat
Asip - Viola, Falsetto
Me - Fredrick, Salsa
Jiji - Crescendo, Polka

It also has very cool HD graphic.. One flaw is probably because of its story is too long... After this I'm waiting for other 3 rpg games to choose from (which is not released yet):
1.White Knight Chronicles.
2.Star Ocean.

While thats fun and all, recently I learn how to convert base 10 numbers to binary numbers (base 2).. You learn that in school before.. Like how 5 in base 10 is 101 in binary.. But what I learn is a bit more complicate.. Like convert 3.46x10^5 to binary number or something o_O Still not sure how to do it, so I guess I hv to read the notes back :\ (though I doubt how knowing to do that actually matters.. For exam sake I guess?)

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