Wednesday, January 13

A Bus Driver that never stop talking..

Every weekday I take the bus to U of R at the same time. So everytime I ride the bus, I will encounter the same bus driver again and again.. And Oh My, He never stop talking!! This morning is the first day of class... Hence the first day I meet him after 3weeks++.. Surprisingly, no one elese is in the bus.. So I sat at the front because he probably wanna talk to me.. and so he did =.="

Bus Driver: Hows you vacation? Did you go home?

Me: No, I just stay here.

Bus Driver: Last 3 weeks, I was working bla bla bla

My response was alternating between each of this-> Yeah? wow? haha! Nice.. mm hmm : )

After what seems like forever and he started to pause for like 1 second. finally over?...

Bus Driver: Last 3 week work was bad.. I wont even let my worst enemy go through that! No No

Me: .........................

Bus Driver: MYB, it was nice to be back.. working my regular shift.. I wont work in the break anymore.. I meet some nice people too.. Like you...

Me: (Atashi-mo?) ?? *flattered but dnt think i deserve such praise.. im bad at social*

Bus Driver: Its good to talk to some one while working.. It makes your work ...

Me Thinking -- "More fun?"

Bus Driver : easier!

*interesting choice of word =.='*

Bus Driver: when are you graduating? This year?

God, this guy always goes around a conversation does he....

Me:Next Year...

Bus Driver: So Im going to see you then until next year..

Me: Yea! *faking but make it believable*

*the small talk continue about college, food, my home *

(oh finally its over.. who knew a guy can talk so much in 10 minutes)

Bus Driver: You Have a Good Day!

Me: You too.. Have a Good one : D *not faked but more of a social norm lol*

I guess its better to talk alot then not talking at all? Seriously, I need to learn how to talk -.-"

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