Tuesday, January 26


zomg ..

On my web programming class, there is an assignment where you have to do a web page related to pie.. So our professor, as funny as he always is, said you can have extra credit if you bring your own baked pie to class..!

"Make the pie described in this assignment and bring it to class to share on 1/27/2010. Replace the stock picture of the pie on the web page with your very own pie (or the fun you had baking it)."

we were laughing and ofc, no ppl actually bothered to do such thing.. thats what i originally thought.. but, i was wrong! Turns out there this girl actually make the pie and bring it to class.. Talk about kiasu o_O


So the question now, how far are you willing to go for an extra credit ?

A quote came to mind atm:
"I'll do anything for an A" (mak Sam Witwicky from transformers 2 while high, 2009)

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